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Ann Margaret Rohmer’s career is a testament to resilience, versatility, and dedication in Canadian television. Born on March 2, 1958, into a family with a military background—her father, Richard Rohmer, was an officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force—Rohmer’s early life in Don Mills laid the groundwork for a remarkable journey in media and broadcasting. This journey took her from the ice rinks of provincial figure skating competitions to the forefront of television news anchoring, making her a household name in Toronto and across Canada.

Early Life and Diverse Interests

Rohmer’s early brush with fame could have been on the ice rinks under the tutelage of top figure skating coach Sheldon Galbraith. Competing at the provincial level, her skating career was cut short by a car accident at 14. Yet, this setback did not dampen her spirit. Rohmer channeled her energy into tennis, became an aerobics instructor, and actively participated in water and downhill skiing. Her academic journey saw her attending Branksome Hall before transferring to Northern Secondary School, where she graduated in 1974. University life introduced her to the world of acting in television commercials, sparking an interest in television presenting that would define her career.

From Flight Attendant to Television Stardom

Before her television career took off, Rohmer worked as a flight attendant for Air Canada in the 1970s, a job that exposed her to diverse cultures and stories. In 1979, Rohmer landed her first significant television role as the host of the syndicated program “Show Biz,” interviewing celebrities and setting the stage for a career in front of the camera. Her talent and charisma led her to the Global Television Network as a co-host on “That’s Life” and later to sports anchoring for CBC and reporting for CTV’s “Canada AM.”

A Storied Career at Citytv and CP24

Rohmer’s association with Citytv began in 1986 as the CityPulse Weekend sports anchor, a role that showcased her versatility and depth as a broadcaster. In 1989, she became the original host of “Breakfast Television,” endearing herself to Toronto’s morning viewers. Her move to CP24 in October 2001 marked a significant phase in her career, where she anchored news, hosted “City Online,” and launched “Hot Property.” Rohmer’s ability to connect with viewers and her professionalism made her a staple of Toronto’s media landscape.

A Brief Farewell and Return

In June 2010, Rohmer briefly stepped away from her primary duties at CP24, signaling an end to an era. However, her absence was short-lived as she returned to the anchor desk in the fall of 2010. Despite her brief retirement announcement in 2015, Rohmer’s passion for broadcasting saw her returning to CP24 as a fill-in anchor, proving her dedication to journalism and her viewers.

Beyond Broadcasting

Beyond her television career, Rohmer has ventured into radio, hosting shows on York Region’s CFMS-FM, and even briefly entered the political arena with a run for Toronto City Council in 2022. Her personal life, marked by her marriage and divorce from Canadian downhill skier Steve Podborski, reflects her resilience and capacity for renewal.

Recognition and Awards

Rohmer’s contributions to Canadian broadcasting have not gone unnoticed. Her accolades include being voted one of the “10 Sexiest Women” in Toronto by the Toronto Sun and receiving awards for her outstanding community volunteer work and excellence in broadcasting. These honors underscore her impact on and off the screen.

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Ann Rohmer career is a narrative of breaking barriers, embracing change, and impacting lives through the power of media. Her journey from a figure skater with Olympic aspirations to a beloved figure in Canadian television is a source of inspiration. Rohmer has navigated the highs and lows of a public life with grace, proving that resilience and adaptability are the hallmarks of a true legend in the broadcasting world. As she continues to evolve in her career, Ann Rohmer remains a cherished icon, whose legacy will inspire future generations of broadcasters.

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