Word Chums Coin Hack Updated | Get Unlimited Coins

Word Chums Coin Hack is a hacked version of the official Word Chums game. Do you want to play your puzzle game, the Word Chums with unlimited coins and gold? Then you are at the right place. It is one of the favorite games of the users because of its exciting features. The gamer can use their knowledge to create new words and solve the puzzle.

Word Chums Coin Hack | Totally Free

This hacked version offers new features to the players that weren’t provided in the official release, and due to these features, it has become one of the favorite games of the puzzle lovers.

Word Chums Coin Hack


Word Chums Coin Hack provides many new and exciting features to the puzzle lovers. Below are the key features of this game.

1: Unlimited Coins

One of the most remarkable characteristics of this game is that it delivers unlimited coins to the gamer. Coins are also significant for the player because the player can use these coins to resume the game and to get more chances. Coins are also required to get hints about the puzzle in the game.

The official version of this game did not offer this feature, but this version eases the player with a large number of exiting characteristics. So, if you want to download this game free of cost, then you are at the right place.

3: Multiple dictionaries

This game also provides multiple dictionaries to the player. Every player wants to explore and get new words. This quality is provided by the latest and hacked version of this game, as it allows the player to explore and gain new words with the help of various dictionaries and enjoy the game at maximum.

4: Multiple players

This game allows the player to play online with multiple friends, plus it also facilitates the user to request their nearby friends to come and join the game. This will make a form of a match, and the player can enjoy the game with many friends.

The official version didn’t provide this feature, but this updated version facilitates the users to play with multiple friends and with the help of coins the play can also win all the matches.

4: Customizable characters

This hacked version also provides different characters to the player. The player can also have a customized character. Many players want to make new characters, and this version allows the player to have different categories of characters, and the player can also have a role of his choice.

The official version of the game doesn’t provide these features. But now this version allows the gamer to have the character of choice.

5: Check the performance in the world

This game also allows the gamer to check his performance. Many players want to check and track their performance in the game. They want to examine if they are playing good or not, and also want to check their position in the game. By the use of this updated version the player can check his place in his world and can even take proper steps to enhance the performance.

This updated version provides new features, and the player can examine their performance in the game.

6: Online competitions

This hacked version also provides online competitions. The player can go into online tournaments, and with the use of coins, the player can even defeat his opponents. This will increase the gaming abilities of the player, and the player will also gain knowledge of new words.

Install the latest version

You can download the hacked version of this game without paying any charges.

Additional Information

NameWord Chums
RequirementIOS, Android
Interactive ElementsUsers Interact, In-Game Purchases
Content Rating
UpdatedApril 9, 2020
Developer740 E Campbell Rd Suite 100 Richardson, TX 75081

How to install the word chum?

Installation method

You can install this game by following steps.

Step 1

Click the link mentioned above and download the game.

Step 2

Once downloading completes, install the game.

Step 3

After the game installs, launch the app to start the game.

Enjoy Your Favorite Word Chums Coin Hack for Free

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Several questions come in mind while installing this game on the phone. I have tried to answer a few of the issues that are generally asked by the users.

What does this hacked version provide?
This game provides unlimited amounts of coins, new words, multiple dictionaries, and community play to the players.

How to get unlimited coins?
You can get unlimited coins from this hacked version. This game automatically fills up the coins once the coins end.

Does it affect the processing speed of my phone?
NO, it doesn’t affect the speed of the phone because it doesn’t take much space.

Is it free to download this game?
YES, it is entirely free. You don’t have to pay even a single penny to download this game.

Is it a legal app?
YES, this a legal app, so you can use it without any worry.

Are there significant differences among the official version and this hacked version?
YES, there are significant differences between the two; one of the most vital is that this hacked version provides unlimited amounts of coins, new words, multiple dictionaries, and community play to the players, which is not provided by the official version of this game..

Is this game easy to download?
YES, it is very easy to download. Click on the link given above and download this game right now.

Wrapping Up

Word Chums Coin Hack is a hacked version of the official Word Chums game. It provides a huge number of useful features to the players that weren’t offered by the official game, for example, unlimited amounts of coins, new words, multiple dictionaries, and community play to the players. Due to these new features, this game has become one of the favorite games of puzzle lovers. You can easily download this without paying charges from this platform and enjoy this hacked version for free.