Word Chums Cheat | The Best Words Cheat Game

The Word Chums Cheat by the term word cheat, it’s looking like a game which is related to words, steering off to opponents, you use cheat codes. Word cheats mean to take advantage through acting dishonestly and unfairly.

Word Chums Cheat

Here you need words that can give you access to your success against your opponent. And you need a Word chums cheat-tools and codes that can automate you to defeat your opponent. Here we represent to you the best word chums cheat that can bring strome of words in your brain. Here you can select your opponent through different sources. Your desired opponent to whom you want to cheat gives a more flourishing flavor to your game.

Word Chums Cheat

How to install the word chum cheats?

Install the word chum cheats
Android users: If you are an Android user, then you can download the latest version of Word chum cheats through the Google play store in a few seconds. Just open the google play store and write Word Chums cheat. The screen will show you the install option, just click on it and download will be started automatically.

This game is free to install. It does not take much storage space of the device. After installation, the game icon will come on the screen. Next click on the icon, to start the game.

word chums

iOS & Android device users:

For the users of iOS, the installation process will be the same as the Android device. Just open the apple app store and install the game.

Desktop users:

You can also play the game on the laptop or the desktop. On the desktop, you don’t need to install the game. Just open the given website and start to play the game.

How to start the Word Chums Cheat game?

The best Words Chums Cheat game, at the start, it’s difficult to understand this game. But after reading and following the rules, you can make it easy. Below are the steps of how you can start the game.

Login: After installing the game, the next step is to login by making an account on Facebook or Google. If you are already a user of one of them, just click on the connect button. This will link your game with your account. It will join Word Chums Cheat to your contacts of Facebook and email.

The choice is yours!

Start game as Guest or random selection: Before login through Facebook or mail, a second option is available for you to try a game as a guest. Here Word Chums Cheat will connect you to the other game users throughout the world. Either it gives you to choose a trial game with the person or with the computer.

By starting as a guest, first, choose a unique name, then select your favorite color of your chum from given colors and press continue. It will take you to a quick word chum tour that teaches you how to play a game. These are randomly selected players.

Start the game by login:

After login, there comes an option of a New Game. And it will ask you to whom you want to play. If you select Facebook contacts, then it will search for you who is the user of Word Chums Cheat. And if you choose the email option to log in, then it will search out for your Word Chums Cheat users from your phone contact. You have three blanks to fill up three emails if you want to.

You can invite your friends to join this fantastic game with you. But if unfortunately, you do not find any of friend by Facebook or email contacts, then you can choose other word chum cheaters through:

  • Click on Find Player
  • Play with the computer by selecting the difficulty

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How to play word chums cheat?

Rules to play the word chums cheat:

To win against your competitor, first, you need to understand the rules to play the game. Following are the rules;

  1. You got a rack of 7 letters that are not visible to your opponent.
  2. The first rule is the first word in the game you are going to make must cross the center star square.
  3. After dispositioning a complete word, the next word must have at least one letter adjoining to the letter played in the preceding turn.
  4. The next letters must be adjoining the previous letters and so on the vertical and horizontal row.
  5. All tiles you placed must make a valid word to place vertically and horizontally. And if it’s adjoining to more than one letter vertically or horizontally the letter already on the board, even it can make a good score.
  6. The word score and validity can be judge by the point badge. The word point badge shows whether the word is valid or not. If the badge turns green after joining the letters, it means the concept is valid. The green badge shows 50% of the best word that u make. It can be explained as if the best possible score of the word that can be possible on your turn is 80; the word point badge turns green when you make a valid word of at least 40 points. The green badge shows the best top half possible score of the word.

Download Word Chums

Stars on the left top, rate your word score: 

All the valid scores must have one star. Two stars are possible when the current words points become the twenty-five percent or more of the best score of the word. Three stars show that the word score must be fifty percent or more of the best score of the word of that turns. The three stars word is at least halfway to the top of the best terms.

The premium stars mean five stars. The four stars appear when your score is about seventy-five percent or more than of the best score of the word of that turn. And five stars show 100% of the best score of the shift. The game shop store may purchase the premium stars.

Dictionary: Word Chums Cheat users can check the meaning of all previous words by clicking on them. Even if two words cross each other and you tap on it, the dictionary will show the definitions of both words. Word Chums Cheat uses the list of words by ENABLE2k, for validation.

Scoring: On the lower-left corner, every letter contains its points. The blank letters earn zero points. While the other letter points depend on the square value where they put on. There are five multiplier squares terms as L2, L3, L4, W2, and W3. L2 means letter multiply by 2, L3 means letter multiply by 3, and so on. W2 means word multiply by 2, and similarly, W3 means word multiply by 3. The letter multiplier can only be applied when a letter first time placed on the letter square tile.

For example, a 5 points letter gives points of 15 when it is placed on L3. And if a newly placed word covers the word multiplier squares W2 and W3, then the total points will be multiplied by the word multiplier. It will multiply first by two and then three and sum up to make total word points. It will end up with a 6X multiplier. Letters point become twice if they are placed up vertically and horizontally with the help of adjacent letters.

Game levels:

There are five levels terms as:

  • Easy
  • Moderate
  • YHard
  • Expert
  • Genius

Levels indicate, to increase the level, increase the difficulty. In upper levels, you meet the chum players who can give you a tough time to win. In word chums free edition, you need a chumbot ticket to start a game.

Chumbot tickets: There are two upgrades of the WC Cheat. One upgrade is free, and the other is premium. In free word chum, it is necessary to buy a chumbot ticket to play a level. But in the premium upgrade, you do not need to buy any chumbot ticket to start the game. Do not get scared and think that you can not buy chumbot tickets; you can buy them through your earned coins.

Remove or block players:

Whenever you start a game and select a player or accept a game, the players are added to your friend’s list. Randomly selected players are automatically added to your friend’s list when you do a rematch with them. During the game, you can not remove the player.

To remove or to block any player, tap on the friends that are shown on the leaderboard on the main screen, go to the stats screen of the player. There are two buttons, “Remove” and “Block.” Select the required one.

A removed player can rejoin you if you play another game with him, and you accept another game with them. But the blocked player can not rejoin you. He is not allowed to start the game with you or to send you the chat message.

Live chat:

The WC Cheat offers the live chat option on the screen between the chums of both players. You can say greetings and can do an open chat with your opponent. That gives a new flavor to enjoy the game in the right way.

The turn tips:

BOMB: On the mid-top of the game screen, there is a sign of a bomb. Bomb basically works to change the seven given letters. It gives you new seven letters in place of them. You can use a bomb when your points are low; the badge is green but with a low score that you do not like. You can put a bomb on the letters when you feel the given letters are not giving you the best score if you get all compatible letters or vowels. You can draw only one bomb in one turn.

PLAY: Click on the mid-top icon terms PLAY after when you put the best word in the tiles, and you are completely satisfied with your word to play. PLAY option throws your word to your opponent, and after you wait for his turn.

HINT: Hint is the option that shows a square, the right square where you can put the best word. The hint square contains arrows where the word, the direction where the letters can cross the tiles. You can choose the hint option once per turn.

PASS: At the end of the time, it may be difficult for you to make the best words anywhere, then at that typical time, you can use the pass option. The pass option allows you to pass your turn. But three back-to-back passes will end the game. Like first you pass, in next turn, your opponent passes, and then you pass again will end the game. The game will take over.

GAME MENU: The game menu gives two options.

Swap and pass: Swap your tiles and pass your turn. This option is used infrequently. It allows you to swap the tiles of your words rack and then pass the turn.

Resign: You can resign the game by any causes that make you take the loss.

Strategies to win the game:

There are three strategies to win the game.

  1. Big score
  2. Level Faster
  3. Play more


Bigger words to play: Play with long words containing long letters. As five letters word score plus 10 points. Six letters word score plus 20 points. Similarly, seven letters word score plus 40 points. The bigger the letter, the bigger the points.

Multiplier squares: Multiplier squares are W3, L3, L4, W2, L2, and so on spread as squares on the board. Sometimes, long words do not support you at all, then you need a new cheat trick. The multiplier square justifies your real attention. If you got succeeded in finding the word crossing the two squares, it could give you a significant score that can put your opponent to think more to defeat you. If your word across the two W2, then it will score 4. And if it goes across W2 and W3, it will score 6.

The next move of your opponent: Just keep in mind before playing a word, what can be the next move of your opponent. Avoid the words that can give your opponent a big word by using an adjoining word that can reach to W3 square. The next turn must be clear in your mind, and you must understand where your current turn can lead you further.

Letters that contain power words: By joining high-point letters can give you a big score. High-point letters that are (J, Q, X, Z) adjoin with just one vowel can make a big score point. And by placing the big letters on multiplier square tile that is the part of two words that can score considerable points.

Companying letters: This option gives you the idea to make new words by using the old one on the board. By using the letters’ S’ and ‘E’, this will be possible to make a companying word. For example, the word “take” is already there on board; you can put the word “S,” and it will convert in the word “takes.”

Use adjoining words: It is a helpful trick to earn more points. By joining the letters using adjoining letters, you can make a big score. Because of the letters that make a new word vertically or horizontally count a twice score. Let suppose a letter “P” contains 10 points if it put on a tripple letter tile it will give 60 scores.

Draw bomb on low points letters racks: If the present letters giving you a low point package, then put a bomb and get new letters to make big points.

Use Hint option: The hint point you can use after finding the word, whether it is the best word or not. The green badge shows your 50% success towards the best word. Hint option locates the right square and right moves, where you can get the best high stars word.

Don’t consider the big points as your final victory: You should not underestimate your opponent. Sometimes big points do not lead you towards success. If your opponent’s turn is the last turn of the game, then all of your remaining letter points may be subtracted from your score and unfortunately, added to his score.

Level Faster:

Experience points (XP): On the bottom of the screen, it’s an XP bar that of white at the start. For every point you earn, you will get 1 XP point for each point. And it will start turning into green color. This bar shows when you will go to the next level. After completing the required XP points, you reach the next level.

The gadget of speed took you to the next level faster: To get good speed to go to a higher level, you need coins to buy gadgets like letter bombs and hints—the next thing you can buy chum hat and upgrades by Chums Market. For example, if you buy a chum hat with XP +25%, by wearing a chum hat, you can get 25% extra added with your earned XP points.

Play more:

Play with 3-4 players or teams: You can choose more than two opponents. A maximum of four people can play at once. You must start multiple types of games with anyone on your leaderboards by clicking on the plus buttons of their user names while playing a game. To enhance your capability to think and to use tricky gadgets, it is an effective strategy.

Share and Tweet: Through sharing, you can earn hundreds of coins. To earn more coins, spread the game by sharing with friends on Facebook, tweet your levels, and invite people. Similarly, it can be shared by email, text, Bluetooth, post on LinkedIn, whatever your device can give you sharing options. Each person you invited when he completes Level 1, then you will get 300 coins.


The WC Cheat has its own inventory store that keeps the following items:

Boosts, bombs, and hints: A cheat option is there in chums store; by using them, you can defeat your opponents in a few minutes. Energy boost, if you buy, it can help you to increase your points fast as compare to the usual speed. More you can buy a stock of bombs and hints to play tactics effectively and efficiently.

Chums: You can buy more chums and chums colors to give the game glory or glamour. After buying the more chum and chum colors, previous will still be there in your inventory, and you can use them anytime.

Gear: There are many things in the chum store for your chum to gear up its capabilities. Chum hat is the most famous one. Usually, you reach for different items of chums during level up. But by using Chum Market, you can do so at an early level. These inventories help you to gear up your XP points in a fast way that allows you to level up fastly.

Beautiful and attractive themes and graphics: It contains fantastic, beautiful, impressive, charming, glamorous, and multiple attractive chum colors to give your eyes a nice feel.


  • Can be shared easily to friends
  • Free to download
  • You can play a short game or the long game too.
  • Can do a live chat with the opponent
  • You Can play multiple games at once
  • Can buy different inventories by Chums Store
  • The game that makes you think, a brainstorming game
  • Gives many gadgets to increase points
  • Many levels, with fun graphics and sounds


  • You need to pay to get rid of ads pop-ups.


Is this game also for teenagers?
Yes, teenagers also can play this game.

how many players can play at once?
3 to 4 players can play the game at once.

Can I change the theme also?
Yes, just go to inventory and buy the theme and put it.

Can I remove or block any player?
Yes, you can, by opening opponents’ chum screen, you can do so.


A fantastic brainstorming game contains a lot of features. You learn multiple tactics to win the game. You will feel a lot of fun while playing the game. It is the Best Word Chums Cheat game to fill up your spare time. If you do not want to play or getting irritated by any player, at the same time, you can remove him. This game allows you to remove or block any player. You can use many tricks and gadgets to upgrade to the next level. It is the best game that makes your mind quick and fast to think.