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Punishing Grey Raven puts a unique touch on the hack-and-slash genre, taking fundamental mechanics to a new level of complexity. At its core is a one-of-a-kind orb system that appears simple at first but reveals layers of depth once mastered. Understanding and mastering game mechanics can be difficult, especially for Punishing Grey Raven characters who have complex powers. If you want to enhance your Punishing Gray Raven experience, consider getting PGR top up with a trusted provider like U7BUY.

With so many Punishing Grey Raven characters available, categorizing them according to their skills and utility is important. Each PGR character brings a unique set of capabilities and abilities to the table, and understanding their roles in the game improves strategic gameplay and team dynamics. Each PGR character in the game also has unique skins and other cosmetics. You can visit U7Buy to shop now for PGR accounts and Rainbow Cards.

Punishing Gray Raven S-Tier Constructs

PGR Kamui – Tenebrion

Kamui Dark Energon also referred to as Kamui Tenebrion, is an outstanding support-class Structure in Punishing Gray Raven. He is well-known for his unusual playstyle, alignment, and unique ability to deal with physical and dark damage. Despite being classified as a supporting Punishing Grey Raven character, Kamui has substantial offensive powers, making him an effective damage dealer among the current roster of PGR characters.

PGR Bianca – Varitas

Bianca Veritus is a very powerful construct known for its capacity to cause serious physical and lightning damage. It excels at targeting several enemies and can effortlessly switch to sniper mode for precision long-range attacks. Its abilities extend to focused attacks on focal spots, making it essential for those who prefer to engage enemies from a distance.

PGR Liv – Luminance

Liv-Luminance emerges as an excellent support PGR character with both healing and damage-reduction abilities. With the ability to deal significant physical damage, Liv-Luminance excels at shielding teammates and increasing their resilience with protective barriers. Furthermore, through leadership abilities, Liv-Luminance improves the health of allies, increasing their endurance in combat.

Punishing Gray Raven A-Tier Constructs

Punishing Grey Raven Bianca – Zero

Bianca-Zero is a powerful damage dealer known for its capacity to do significant Physical damage. It unleashes a volley of nine arrows quickly, dealing substantial damage to opponents. Furthermore, its signature move, which has a short recharge and low energy cost, bombards opponents with endless arrows, increasing its combat effectiveness.

Punishing Grey Raven Lee – Palenfire

Lee, a DPS A-Rank Punishing Grey Raven character, has impressive active and passive talents that match his S-Rank counterparts. His skills are a well-balanced mix of offensive and supportive powers, including minimal Area of Effect (AoE) damage. Lee’s strength comes in his straightforward execution of combinations, which makes him friendly to players of all abilities. 

Punishing Grey Raven Lucia – Padma

Lucia Dawn is a Base A-rank Assault class Punishing Grey Raven character known for her ability to deal Physical and Lightning damage. She destroys her enemies with various complex combos, demonstrating her tremendous combat skills. Notably, Dawn outperforms the game’s original Lucia Lotus PGR character in terms of agility. Aside from her status as an A-rank version of Lucia Lotus, Dawn’s physical beauty adds to her charm, enticing gamers with her visually beautiful design.

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