Vikings have an impressive reputation that has withstood 1300 years since the first recorded Viking raid. The Viking fashion, culture, and lifestyle substantially appeal to individuals in modern society. Investing in authentic Viking gear is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the culture and experience.

Knowing what the Vikings wore and carried with them can help you build your kit. The Viking clothes and jewelry you find will ensure you look the part when attending Renaissance fairs and cosplay events.

Fortunately, luck and fate have brought you to this informative guide on Viking wear and accessories. Continue reading to dive into the Norse fashion and lifestyle today!

1. Viking Clothes

The Viking clothes are an essential part of your outfit when you’re connecting with your inner Norse warrior. Much of Viking clothing was produced by boiling and dying yarn. Flax was another popular option for weaving and creating clothing in Viking culture.

When shopping, the top colors to consider are red, yellow, purple, and blue. Blue is among the most impressive colors Vikings could display on their clothing.

2. Viking Jewelry

Finding era-appropriate jewelry is essential to complete your look when collecting Viking gear. Vikings men and women wore jewelry ranging from necklaces and bracelets to rings and brooches.

The jewelry indicated wealth within the Viking community. Other pieces carried ceremonial value and prestige. Consider adding thor’s hammer necklace to your collection to boost your warrior spirit.

3. Viking Armor

Vikings often wore armor when going on raids or planning ambushes against their enemies. When collecting Viking gear for a Renaissance Fair or cosplay event, it’s vital to invest in armor.

Chainmail was the go-to option for Vikings during their heyday. The armor used punched or riveted rings to protect the wearer from swords, axes, and arrows in combat.

The chainmail offered protection while providing an excellent range of motion. It was a more effective armor choice than a full suit of armor.

4. Viking Weapons

A Viking weapon with runes is another classic piece of Viking gear to invest in for your look. Vikings carried swords, axes, spears, and bows and arrows into combat. Look for a weapon that suits your style and preferences to harness your Norse spirit and live the Viking lifestyle.

5. Viking Pouch

The Viking pouch functioned like a purse, providing Viking men and women a secure space to store coins, jewelry, and other valuables. If you want to collect authentic Viking gear, you must invest in a leather viking pouch. Consider wearing the pouch on your belt for convenience.

Find the Perfect Viking Gear Today

Vikings are fascinating people from ancient history, and their legacy and lifestyle live on with millions of people in modern society. If you’re collecting Viking gear, consider starting with clothing and pieces of Viking jewelry. Chainmail armor, a sword or ax, and a Viking pouch will help you complete the look.

Exploring history is an excellent way to learn about your ancestors and influential individuals from different times. Read our Blog content to add more to your knowledge today!

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