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Kelsey Riggs, a renowned figure in sports journalism, has captivated viewers with her dynamic presence on the ACC Network. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into her life story, tracing her journey from her roots in South Carolina to her prominent role in the sports broadcasting world.

Early Life and Passion for Sports

Born on November 19, 1988, in South Carolina, Kelsey Riggs’ age is 35 as of 2023. Raised by her parents, Bryan and Pam, alongside her sisters, Breanne Nicole Benton and Chandler Sadilee Riggs, Kelsey’s childhood was deeply rooted in her home state. Her younger sister, Chandler, attended Clemson Campus, and Breanne is happily married to Bryan Benton. From her early years, Kelsey showed a keen interest in sports, particularly soccer, which became a significant part of her life.

Attending James Island Charter High School, Kelsey was not only academically adept but also shone on the soccer field. Her passion for the sport continued at Charleston Southern University, where she played for the Buccaneers’ soccer team. It was during her time at university, where she pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, that Kelsey’s path in sports journalism began to take shape. Her college years were marked by notable internships at two Charleston news stations, laying the groundwork for her future career.

The Beginning of a Promising Career

Kelsey Riggs’ professional journey commenced at WCNC network in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a sports anchor and reporter, she honed her skills and developed a unique style that resonated with viewers. After three years at WCNC, she briefly worked as a production assistant at Live 5 News before moving to WBTW-TV in Florence in 2012. Here, Kelsey further established herself as a sports anchor, a role she held for two years.

Her tenure at WCNC-TV, which lasted four years, was a pivotal period in her career. During this time, she covered the Carolina Panthers, showcasing her ability to bring compelling sports stories to life. Her dedication and talent did not go unnoticed, leading to a significant opportunity with ACCN/ESPN.

Rising Star at ACCN/ESPN

In 2012, Kelsey Riggs took a major leap in her career, moving to Connecticut to join ACCN/ESPN. Here, she became an integral part of the network, serving as a sideline reporter and studio host. Kelsey’s role at ESPN includes covering football games, where her insights and expertise shine. She co-hosts “The Huddle” with notable figures like Eric Mac Lain, NFL quarterback EJ Manuel, and former Georgia and Miami head coach Mark Richt. Her ability to engage with sports personalities and bring in-depth analysis to viewers has made her a beloved figure on the network.

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Kelsey Riggs: A Role Model Off the Field

Away from the camera, Kelsey Riggs is a figure of inspiration. Her journey from a sports enthusiast to a respected journalist in a male-dominated industry is a testament to her determination and skill. Her story encourages young women aspiring to careers in sports journalism, demonstrating that with passion and hard work, success is attainable.

Kelsey’s personal life, while she keeps it relatively private, reflects her grounded nature. Married to Jon-Scott Trexler, she balances her demanding career with a fulfilling personal life. Her social media presence, particularly on Twitter, offers glimpses into her life behind the scenes, where she connects with fans and shares her experiences.

Net Worth and Recognition

As of 2023, Kelsey Riggs’ net worth is estimated to be between $700,000 and $1,000,000, a reflection of her successful career in sports journalism. Her financial success is matched by her professional accolades, as she has become a well-recognized face in sports broadcasting.

Continuing to Make Her Mark

Kelsey Riggs continues to evolve in her career, bringing fresh perspectives to sports journalism. Her journey is not just about her age or her achievements; it’s a story of passion, perseverance, and breaking barriers. As she continues her work with ACC Network and ESPN, Kelsey Riggs remains a prominent figure in sports journalism, inspiring the next generation of young women and men in the field.

In conclusion, Kelsey Riggs is more than just a familiar face on ACC Network. Her journey, from a soccer-playing student in South Carolina to a leading sports journalist, is a narrative of ambition, hard work, and success. As she continues to make her mark in the world of sports journalism, her story serves as an inspiration to many, proving that with dedication and passion, one can achieve great heights in their chosen field.

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