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The Fascination with Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles, a staple of brain-challenging games, have long captivated the minds of enthusiasts worldwide. Universal Crossword, known for its intriguing and sometimes daunting clues, stands as a prominent figure in this realm. On August 19, 2023, players encountered a particularly thought-provoking clue: “Target of some high-tech mining.” This article delves into unraveling this clue, providing not just the answer but also exploring the context and significance behind it.

Decoding the Clue High-Tech Mining

The term “high-tech mining” in the clue might initially bring to mind images of futuristic machinery excavating rare minerals. However, in the realm of crossword puzzles, one must think beyond the literal. In the digital age, “mining” has taken on new meanings, often associated with data and information processing. This modern twist on traditional mining concepts adds a layer of complexity to the clue, challenging solvers to think outside the box.

The Answer Revealed PERSONALDATA

After much anticipation and perhaps some head-scratching, the solution to the Universal Crossword clue for August 19, 2023, is “PERSONALDATA.” This 12-letter answer encapsulates the essence of the clue perfectly. In our digitally-driven world, the mining of personal data has become a prevalent and sometimes controversial practice. The clue cleverly plays on the dual meaning of mining, blending the traditional sense with its contemporary digital counterpart.

The Importance of Personal Data in the Digital Age

The answer to this crossword clue sheds light on a significant aspect of modern life: the value and vulnerability of personal data. In an era where information is a currency, personal data is often the target of high-tech mining operations, be it for commercial, research, or, unfortunately, sometimes malicious purposes. This reality reflects the increasing relevance of data privacy and security in a world where digital footprints are ubiquitous.

The Challenge of Universal Crossword

Universal Crossword, renowned for its challenging nature, often includes such clues that require solvers to think critically and tap into their general knowledge. This particular clue is a testament to the puzzle’s ability to stay relevant and engage players in current global discussions. It also highlights the importance of staying updated with contemporary issues and trends to excel in solving these puzzles.

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Enhancing Cognitive Skills through Crosswords

Engaging in crossword puzzles like the Universal Crossword is not just a leisure activity; it’s a brain exercise. Such puzzles enhance various cognitive skills, including problem-solving, vocabulary, and lateral thinking. The process of deciphering clues, especially ones as intricate as “Target of some high-tech mining,” stimulates the brain, fostering mental agility and knowledge acquisition.

The Universal Appeal of Crossword Puzzles

The universal appeal of crossword puzzles lies in their blend of education and entertainment. They cater to a wide range of interests and knowledge bases, making them accessible yet challenging to a diverse audience. The Universal Crossword, with its daily puzzles, offers a regular opportunity for individuals to test their intellect and expand their understanding of various subjects.


The “Target of some high-tech mining” clue in the Universal Crossword for August 19, 2023, serves as a prime example of how crossword puzzles remain a relevant and engaging brain exercise. The answer, PERSONALDATA, not only solves the puzzle but also opens a window into the complexities of our digital world. As players continue to engage with the Universal Crossword, they are not just indulging in a hobby but are also sharpening their minds and staying connected with the ever-evolving world around them.

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